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Jan. 1st, 2014


It's been a while. Today is actually my last day of holidays before I am back at work. I've only been off for a week and a half but it feels like a longer time.

How was everyone's Xmases?

Mine was pretty good. I got Pacific Rim on DVD and a Thor 2 themed colouring book. Also money, which is good. I have ordered these boots with some of said money. As my plan is to go to Canada in the summer (and possibly Dubai in the autumn, but we'll see about that one) money will be useful for other things too.

I also watched the Doctor Who Xmas special. I still have not seen the 50th, because I don't hate myself that much, but I thought the Xmas special was an appalling mess that Moffat should be ashamed of writing... so a good summary of Eleven's era tbh. Detailed thoughts are here if y'all can stand to go on tumblr. I'd say 'bring on Twelve' but I don't want Moffat to screw up Capaldi's run.

At the moment my biggest TV interest is Sleepy Hollow, which I am up to episode 9 on and HAVE TO WAIT FOR MORE UGH WHY. Basically, American TV hates Britain. So I'll get the Xmas episode (hopefully) at some point in January. GOD I LOVE THAT SHOW THOUGH IT'S SO GREAT.

Anyway, hi chums, I miss this website. Even if most of the content of this post is linking to tumblr.


this movie brought sunshine to my day in unexpected ways. I was wary of it b/c I was so fond of Thor when I hadn't expected to be at all. So all I could imagine was that Thor 2 was going to shit on my dreams.




Oct. 2nd, 2013

man, for the first time ever I am feeling like tumblr is a true blessing because it is the perfect venue to react to every wonderful thing fandom is giving us atm

In other news american politics is so fucking bizarre and it's making me quietly angry and anxious on behalf of people. not that britain's a shining light of socialist glory but wtf, american political system, something is badly broken. also at minimum when shit like this happens the politicians themselves shouldn't be being paid. although british politics is pretty terrible at the moment, and the daily fucking mail ugh omg. I am not exactly a Millibrothers fan but 'THIS MAN HATED BRITAIN BECAUSE JEWISH AND LEFT-WING AND THAT MEANS HIS SONS ARE TERRIBLE' is a wee bit rich coming from a paper headed by the grandchild of a fucking nazi sympathiser.

in RL news: work continues and is largely acceptable, but getting busy again. mostly because I keep volunteering to do more stuff. fml.

oh, and I've been rewatching some early Supernatural recently. Like, I sorta hated that show back in the day but I'm getting weirdly into it and I'm sympathising with the brothers and idek what to do about this lol. I assume they'll drive me to hatred again fairly shortly b/c i've left s1 behind and now, IIRC, all the lies and BS start.

[I also watched the Agents of SHIELD pilot]it was OK. Idk I'm not like a super Joss Whedon fangirl and his super funny dialogue can feel very fake to me. But I enjoyed bits of the show and am fond of the sciencey duo and Melinda May. The other characters are a bit more generic. And Coulson doesn't really feel like a real person at all to me. Like, that was fine in the movies - he was a generic-ish suit with a dry sense of humour and one or two background details emerging. But if they don't make him real they'll kinda lose me.

The whole show is definitely suffering from kid sibling syndrome. like, it wants the Marvel movie fans to watch it but it wants to attract other people too, but it can't possibly live up to the movies because it can't afford Robert Downey Jr or, like, graphics. And fine, ok, this is Torchwood, I get it, I like the premise. but it needs to be careful how it references its big sibling or else I'm going to soend the entire time, as I did in the pilot, shouting WHERE THE FUCK IS TONY STARK. like, the pilot is based around technology that Tony Stark has dealt with as of the ending of Iron Man 3. HE HAS CURED EXTREMIS. Stop trying to create tension when you should be phoning the dude who's already done it.

But it was OK enough that I will probably watch another episode or two before deciding whether to keep going.
Bank holiday in England, which means no work today, so I am home watching movies/tv and relaxing.

I did a bit of cleaning this morning. And yesterday I went to see the Magna Carta. That was exciting enough I guess, lol. I'm not really that into history, especially not the big important bits of history, but this particular copy is currently pretty local so it seemed like a bit daft to not take the chance to see it while it's here. Besides, it's my August resolution to get out of the house a bit more.

I sent a chatty email to my mother earlier in the week that alluded very vaguely to some personal stuff. Nothing that would be too comprehensible to anyone who doesn't know the background but still, intended for her. And she forwarded it to my dad because I failed to send him an email. I guess I should be a better daughter and email him but I was going to eventually - I even had a specific thing I was going to talk to him about. And now I'm annoyed she shared and questioning what she may or may not have told him. ugh I preferred it when you guys lived apart.

Work was busier last week. Lots of stuff happening. Some good stuff, but some stuff that idk if I dealt with particularly well and now I'm in the self-doubt and questioning-decisions phase. The problem is, boss recently told me I'd got a lot better at a certain aspect of my job - a lot more confident about doing it - and now every time I have to do it I'm internally freaking out because HOW CAN I LIVE UP TO THIS AND I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE I WASN'T AS GOOD AT IT TO BEGIN WITH??? basically what I'm getting from this is I need to be perfect at everything first time because if I'm not I'm afraid I'll backslide. Excellent. This is just what I need.

anyway, w/e, let's talk Iron Man 3. DOES SOMEONE STILL WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE BECAUSE I ONLY JUST WATCHED IT AN IT WAS EXCELLENT. Copied from tumblr, as usual...

Cut more for length than anything. Although obviously spoilery for the movie.Collapse )

my amazing social life lol

Hi LJ, how's it hanging?

Last week I had a social life. It confused me. It confused my coworkers. Quote as I was leaving the office at 5pm the second day in a row to socialise 'don't tell me you're actually developing a social life, Opal?' Har har colleague. Don't pretend you have one either.

But anyway, skippity_doo and I went out for dinner one night (again), which was awesomecakes. Although we ate too much pizza to manage either dessert or booze, which is always a tragedy. I just went home and flopped and tried not to die of pizza.

The second night I went out with lefaym, who I have never met before, and that was loads of fun (I feel like I've been very lucky meeting people from the internet because I've met so many people from LJ and everyone has been lovely and nobody has been an axe murderer or anything). We saw Matilda the musical, which is utterly superb and y'all should go and see it if you get the chance. Then when had Chinese and I ate the entire meal with chopsticks which is an achievement coming from me.

[Some thoughts - copied and pasted from tumblr because this is what I have become and it's tragic]It’s the second time I’ve seen it but it actually got better this time lol. I think familiarity with the music helps me a lot when it comes to musicals.

But we were in row 6 right by the aisle and the actors kept walking past and THE TRUNCHBULL IS KINDA TERRIFYING I DAMN NEAR WET MYSELF. The whole musical is adorable and hilarious and lovely and I think I need to buy the soundtrack. It’s definitely not identical to the book but the changes are very wonderfully done and help the story along.

Would recommend. Have been recommending to colleagues all week. GO WATCH IF YOU GET THE CHANCE.

That said, I still don’t quite know how to feel about having the Trunchbull being played by a dude in drag. It’s reminiscent of pantomime dames which is a stalwart tradition that I don’t quite have the heart to criticise. But it’s also like… the Trunchbull is a woman and that’s gr8 because she is so amazingly horrific as a villain. Whereas sometimes in the musical the punchline is basically LOL THIS PERSON’S A DUDE IN A SKIRT or LOL THE TRUNCHBULL’S SO MANLY and idk I’m bored of that sort of humour. Also it’s clearly the best part in the show, so I have to roll my eyes at it going to a male actor in a story that’s not about men at all. Don’t get me wrong - the actor is amazing in it, but I’m still not quite sure how I feel.

Ngl, things I did not tell my colleagues about my sudden unexpected social life was that this was two people I'd met because I like to talk about Doctor Who on the internet. ONE DAY I WILL CONFESS THE TRUE EXTENT OF MY NERDISHNESS, BUT NOT TODAY.

Work is sorta acceptable atm. Not too busy, but not too boring either. And I've been picking up some more interesting things as well. But also leaving relatively on time. Which means I've been doing some things like cooking real food. Not necessarily healthy food (although some of it is damn healthy) but actual home cooked, which is an improvement off what it was. I've been eating a lot of vegetables. It's weird and strange. And I'm also the sort of person who can eat the same damn thing for four days in a row without even getting bored, which helps when living alone, because I can buy/make bigger portions and just eat leftovers. Victory for me I guess.


[~Spoilers for the casting choice. you have about two days before I stop considering this a spoiler tbqh unless you can present me compelling evidence to continue to spoiler cut.]

I AM ACTUALLY PRETTY PUMPED FOR THIS? (gifs stolen from tumblr)

Idk man I'm sure Moffat will find a way to ruin this, but maybe we'll get a few good episodes. And tumblr is already trying*. BUT FOR NOW, I THINK HE'S GREAT. Disappointed he's white - would have liked to see a MOC in the role - but he's a better choice than many of the alternatives.

Also apparently he's a massive Who fanboy and has been since he was 15 which is adorable and awesome and endears him to me so much. Like, I appreciate Ten, but I probably wouldn't give nearly as many fucks about David Tennant if he weren't a bit of a nerdy fanboy.

* No, I will not ship Rose/Twelve, SHE HAS A BLOKE OF HER OWN SHE'S NOT CHEATING ON HIM.


Pacific Rim!

I am home with the folks for a week off work and am taking advantage of being in a different town with better shops and stuff to buy new clothes, get a cheaper than usual haircut for only £35, and go to the cinema. Woo. Life is exciting.


Pacific Rim, however, was definitely worth seeing. I don't really know what my expectations were... I'd wanted to see it for a few months because a coworker sent me a teaser clip that had Ellen McLain's voice acting (she voices the Gypsy Danger) with an explanation that she'd been chosen because of her work on Portal. And I will see anything for Portal. But then tumblr discovered the movie existed and overhyped it so much I started to think it was going to be a massive disappointment. Fortunately it was not, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you enjoy the general premise (lots of explosions and scifi) then would definitely recommend.


Spoilers!Collapse )

But let's also talk Doctor Who. Tbh all I really have to say is LOL OMG MOFFAT IS SUCH A JERK I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF WITHOLDING *ADVERTISING*? most brands would actually kill for the number of people wanting to watch teasers as TV shows get.


In other news, my dad is continuing his quest to be as ridiculous/offensive/kinda hilarious as possible. Yesterday we were having ice cream at the beach and he told us about how Spain and Germany (I think?? I don't remember) are our "natural enemies" whereas Portugal is one of our "natural allies". I don't even know where this comes from atm??? Why is Portugal our friend but Spain not?



continued list adventures

1. I am finishing work weirdly early lately. By 'early' I mean 'only shortly after the time I'm contracted to finish'. It's strange and a little concerning and I'm not even sure I like it because I'm so hardwired to working late I legitimately have no idea what to do with an extra hour or two in the evening. Most evenings. like... I've compressed all my desired internetting into about 2-3 hours a night because that's how long I'm used to having, so now I have 4-5 hours a night I find myself kinda bored lol.

Anyone got any hobbies that aren't about refreshing tumblr lol?

a. Watched a bit more of Fringe s5. OMFG THIS SHOW I AM SO ANGRY AND YET SO IN LOVE WITH IT. How can something be so great and so terrible? I don't usually get obsessed with shows I also sorta hate, you know. Sure, I flounced a couple of times from Doctor Who and there are some bits in Harry Potter I don't care to reread. But normally when I love something I love it absolutely. It's so bizarre to me to feel so strongly about Fringe and yet BE SO ANNOYED WITH THIS STUPID-ASS DAMN WRITING UGH.

i. tumblr is being exceptionally stupid lately. or maybe the heat is making me intolerant.

+. fucking weather is destroying me as well. I wore a skirt to work today and showed off my pasty white legs along with the rest of britain. but the cycling shorts I wore under my skirt to both protect dignity and prevent chafage failed in their second sacred duty. MY THIGHS ARE ALL RED AND RAW AND PAINFUL AND NOW I HAVE TO SIT EVEN MORE LIKE A DUDE WHO IS CONVINCED HIS PENIS IS TOO BIG TO SIT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. and tomorrow I will have to at minimum wear leggings.

*. I also continue to watch the (American) Office. And omfg Jan and Michael's s4 relationship and the dinner party. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPPENING I DON'T UNDERSTAND. lol p sure the last episode Jan featured before that she actually was sorta nice and understanding to Michael as well. I'm sorta sad they've broken up, although I assume this is better for Michael's sanity lol. Also Pam and Jim remain adorable.

&. Apparently some guy played some tennis or something and it was exciting and now English people are feeling nice about Scotland for a few days.

General update of things


  • I have been watching the (American) Office and it is gr8. Pam is the best. Anyone who doesn't like her is WRONG. Also have ended up weirdly fond of like, Dwight. PAM THO. AND JIM. SO CUTE. FINALLY SMOOCHING. TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH.

  • I have also been re/watching Fringe. I've temporarily flounced from s5 (SPOIL ME AND DIE) to rewatch the earlier seasons and asdfghhjk I LOVE THIS SHOW. Despite the flounces. Totally valid flounces.

  • My sister's birthday present to me is the greatest ever btw. She drew me, Frances, Kali, Cloen, Rose, Martha and Donna at Hogwarts. I have framed it. It is legitimately the best thing I own.

  • Tumblr graphics are making me nostalgic for the days of DW being good recently. I just want to read about Rose and Cloen being cute and having adventures. But I do not like 99% of DW fanfic these days. I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HOW TO FIND FANFIC ANY MORE.

  • Still behind on Elementary. Sky have stopped offering it to me. I sent a helpdesk request wondering when it was available and the tl;dr version was 'NEVER... unless you upgrade to a tv service' and the guy finished his email with "P.S The last episode was awesome so I hope you get to watch it soon!" which is nice and all but to that I say *GESTURES*. Contemplating switching to Virgin media for my internet since literally the only thing Sky had was Elementary and flouncing would feel good, and Virgin is advertised by David Tennant. OH THE LIFE OF A RESPONSIBLE ADULT, PLAGUED BY DIFFICULT AND COMPLEX CHOICES.

  • Work is going ok, I think. There is lots of it, and I enjoy most of it. Social life is non-existent. Also tumblr. Workaholism is way more glamorous on TV.

  • I have been re-reading Packing for Mars recently and there's a quote from Chris Hadfield in there talking about how he'd only ever spent 8 days in space. Awww. In hindsight that is amazingly adorable.

  • Speaking of, one of the amazon reviews for that book is really angry about the poop jokes. SORRY 4 UR SENSE OF HUMOUR, AMAZON REVIEWER.

TARDIS room ficathon fic: The Art Gallery

TARDIS room ficathon fic: The Art Gallery
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Summary: A sleepless night takes Rose to a part of the TARDIS she's never seen before.
Rating: all ages
A/N: For those of y'all not on tumblr, there's been a TARDIS room ficathon. I got given the prompt of art gallery for kilodalton. And thanks to Kali for being my wonderful beta. If you prefer to read on tumblr, why? But the link is here. (no this doesn't have a real title)

The mirror on the wall was unexpected.Collapse )

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